Forêt d'automne - Zec LavigneWelcome to the official ZEC Lavigne web site.

We are a non-profit organization, managed by a volunteer board of directors and 1300 voting members.

A ZEC “Zone d’exploitation controlée” means “Controlled Harvesting Zone” also known as a Protected Area for Fishing and Hunting.  We offer you a choice of 165 lakes with mainly indigenous Brook (speckle) Trout. Fishing rates are quite affordable.  Fishing permit is also mandatory as well as the territory access rights.

The ZEC Lavigne territory covers 405 km2 and is located 2 hours north of Montreal. We offer the best fishing as well as the most affordable fishing near Montreal. Just compare with the outfitter around and you will be convinced of the quality and the calm of our lakes.

In the fall, we offer quality Moose Hunting and in the spring Black Bear Hunting.

If you want to stay with us for a while, we offer 15 Forest Cottages for 4 to 12 persons.  Rates are the best in the region.

For those who are interested in camping, you can stay in an organized camping with all the facilities or just isolated near a wild lake.

It is possible to live your outdoor and adventure activities in this huge land from small fruit picking to canoe-camping or hiking.

Just contact us by email or by phone.

From all of us, we hope that your stay will be positively unforgettable.